4 Great Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas For Your Multiples

Are you absolutely clueless about what would be the best way to have a birthday party for your multiples during the pandemic? Then, you are at the right place. After all, having twins or multiples is awesome but tiring as well, and so we did all the hard work for you and have come up with the four best ideas ever!

4 fun birthday party ideas for your multiples:

1. Birthday drive-through parade – For this, you have to ask some people to bring balloons and some others to bring signs with birthday wishes. You should set up a table of goodies for guests to pick up and drop off while maintaining social distancing. Also, you can ask your friends to drive-by your house singing the birthday song from a safe distance. This idea could garner lots of celebratory enthusiasm within your neighborhood.

2. Host a fancy, virtual dinner at home- Invite all your near and dear ones on the virtual meeting app you find suitable and ask them to get really dressed-up and fancy. Share a common food item like pizza so that they can order one for them. Bake a cake for your kids. Start the online party with your kids blowing the candles and everyone singing the birthday song. Play some good party music and have dance contests.

3. Chalk the driveway – This is a fun and super easy idea for your friends. Just ask them to write messages and birthday wishes on the sidewalk with chalk! Your kids might find passing-by neighbors participating in their birthday party as well.

4. Scavenger hunt – You can invite your twins’/multiples’ friends to leave gifts and messages for them out in the driveway. They can leave clues about their identity like ‘I am in your baseball team’ , etc. to help your kids guess who the gift is from. This idea will also fill your kids’ hearts with the warmth of the good memories while scavenging for gifts.

Social distancing is the new norm and it’s important that we come up with creative ideas to make sure that our kids still celebrate their special day! We hope these ideas help when planning your next fiesta!