Wearing Your Twins: The Hidden Benefits

We've all seen those sweet singleton moms, chubby baby nestled securely into a wrap or ring sling. It looks like the most natural, comfortable, thing in the world, and frankly, it just might be -- cultures around the world have been wearing their babies since the days of hunting and gathering.

If you're a twin mom-to-be or new mama who kissed the idea of baby-wearing goodbye at that fateful two-dot ultrasound, you might be happy to know it's very possible to wear your twins in tandem! A bit more effort is required to wear both your little ones at once, but with some help from your partner, a close, safe carry can be achieved. It's a good thing, too, as baby-wearing has a multitude of benefits to offer both those sweet little ones and the parent who's holding them close.

It's the perfect time to shout the good news about baby-wearing from the rooftops, as International Baby-wearing Week is taking place from September 28 to October 4. The campaign is all about educating parents and parents-to-be on what the simple, convenient act of wearing baby can offer all involved.

  • Fewer tears: In one study, babies who were held at random intervals during the day, as baby-wearing facilitates, cried less frequently overall than those who did not receive this treatment -- a total of 43% less overall and 51% less at night.
  • Better breastfeeding rates: Breast milk is an important source of both nutrients and antibodies for little ones. The use of soft, worn carriers during the first month of an infant's life is correlated with higher rates of breastfeeding at the three and five month marks.
  • Improved digestion: Many babies are vulnerable to GERD, also referred to as reflux, which can lead to fussiness and spit-ups. Pediatricians recommend keeping baby in a vertical position once they've finished eating, allowing for healthy digestion. Baby-wearing is an easy way to achieve this.

To learn more about the weeklong advocacy campaign, visit their online hub.